A Letter to My Mother on Her Birthday, 2012 Edition

Two years ago I wrote a letter to my mom on her birthday (you can read it here). That post is consistently the number one post almost every week on this site. This week alone 531 people have read that post! I don’t know how so many have found it, but I am so glad they have because my mama deserves all that attention and more. So now I give you to my 2012 edition…

Dear Mom,

Sixty is the new forty! (Hope it’s ok that I just told the world your age :) ) I seriously don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I am so glad that God decided to give you to me anyway. I have never met a more selfless, compassionate, giving human being than you. I am constantly in awe of the way that you always think of others before yourself and will stop what you are doing at the drop of a hat if someone needs you, no matter the inconvenience to you.

Thank you for showing me a perfect picture of unselfishness.

I love that you take an interest in every aspect of my life. Ok, sometimes maybe not so much of an interest would be ok… Hehehe just kidding! But seriously, you care about everything I care about, truly and deeply. Every ministry I have ever served in you have wanted to be a part of. You even volunteered at the Dream Center VBS every year I was there. Whatever I am passionate about you want to know more about. I love that about you… I love that you care so much, and in a way it’s another way you get to know me. And that means the world to me.

Thank you for being interested and invested in me.

I love how you love my husband like he is your very own. That you do for him on holidays- and every day- just as much as you do for me. That you pray for him and worry about him and care about him so much. That you value him. It speaks volumes and it teaches us all so much about the heart of Christ.

Thank you for treating him as my equal.

I love how you love my kids and I love how they love you. I have never seen a more pure, true love between grandparent and grandchild as you have with my kiddos. Just the mere mention of your name has each of them jumping for joy. You bring us all JOY, Mom. They know you are always there for them and I love the security they will have in that always.

Thank you for loving each of them so passionately.

I love how you support us- our dreams, our passions, our entire lives. You support us even when you don’t understand us. You trust us, and that means more to us than you will ever know. I love how even though we are packing up and moving across the country and you are devastated, you are still thinking of ways to help us, to make things easier for us. You are always thinking of us! You are the most supportive, amazing person on the planet.

Thank you for allowing me to spread my wings and fly, always knowing you are there to catch me if I fall.

Thank you for being you. I don’t deserve it, but boy am I grateful for it. I love you more than you will ever know, and I really hope I am living a life that makes you proud.

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman on the planet, inside and out. Praying this year brings a cup overflowing and dreams coming true. Love you so so so so very much.


P.S. You’re hot!

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