Our Dreams

We dream of a big, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, international family consisting of biological and adopted kids- our kids. The kids God created to be in our family.We dream of faces of every color, nation and creed sitting at our dinner table, and we dream of that not bothering anyone else.

We dream of being part of a movement to end the orphan and hunger crises worldwide. We dream of a day when no child dies of starvation or preventable disease. When there’s no such thing as an orphanage, because the 8% of Christians that it would take to give homes to every orphan in the world actually DO it. Where athletes, celebrities, and businessmen use their ridiculous riches to feed, clothe, educate and vaccinate every person who needs it.

We dream of a “green” planet- not some conspiracy that the world is going to end because of global warming (because we know the world’s only going to end when Jesus comes back). But instead, we dream of a place where “clean” foods- free of chemicals, pesticides, and processing- is the norm. Where our cleaning products aren’t filled with toxic agents that are proven to do long-term damage to our health. Where the vaccines we inject into our children are completely safe, and not just deemed safe because the medical industry owns the government.

We dream of our children marrying their perfect, Jesus-loving, people-serving, on-fire-for-God soulmates, and them being together forever. We dream of them serving the Lord all the days of their life, standing up in a sit-down world, being strong in temptation, and being leaders instead of followers.

We dream of seeing generational curses broken in the inner city communities around the country. Of people’s lives being completely transformed like crazy in a way only God can. Of seeing kids standing up for Jesus in their schools and positively affecting their neighborhoods.

We got to experience our dream of living in NYC and can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds!

We have huge dreams and tiny dreams and crazy dreams… But they all matter to God, and they are all God-birthed and God-breathed. What do you dream of? Do you believe that anything is possible with God… Because it is!!!

2 responses to “Our Dreams

  1. Thead

    Go for..walk it out! God won’t leave unfinished what HE started!

  2. Amen.. May God pour His blessing into your lives…

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